paintedboy2“You vs U”

By, Leselie McDonald

Who’s living your life for “U?” Who’s making those important decisions that ultimately “U” have to live with? Don’t “you” know that “U” go with “you,” that “U” alone feel the pain, regret, and despair from the choices “you” make in your life? Are “you” afraid of being “U?” Afraid of allowing your friends to witness that “U” that doesn’t agree with them. That “U” that sees differently and knows better. That “U” that feels empathy and grows stronger whenever its listened to. Where did “you” leave “U” today? At home, locked in you room cowering? Perhaps in the shower still singing to the possibility of consistent exposure; in the mirror, maybe, desperately wanting to be notice?

I wonder, what would “you” wear today? The hustler, maybe, because that “you” gotta survive. The gangster, probably, because that “you” needs some security and must fit in. The bully, possibly, because that “you” needs to exert its insecurities. Maybe “you” are wearing “The Thug” because that “you” craves attention. Or could “you” be wearing “The Victim” because that “you” never tries. Do “you” know that “U” have a purpose? An order first given to “U” in the comforts of heaven. There, no made up “you” exists, just “U” growing into the inherent quality of being. Breathing all the essentials necessary for “U” to surface and live the dream designed only for “U.” A dream that nurtured “U” perfectly for nine months or less. A dream that saw without eyes the vision of your destiny. A dream that spoke with no voice the secrets of everything. A dream that first loved “U,” a dream that formed “U,” and woke “U” when “U” were ready to live and be. Do “you” remember that dream? Can “you” feel the beatings on your heart when “U” get left behind? Can “you” hear the thunderous thoughts of “U” pleading for air time? Do “you” even know “U” exist? That “U” is actual “U” buried under layers of influence, hidden by a made up “you” in a world that makes, while “U” live in a world that creates. In a world that is “U,” a world that feeds “U,” and believes “U” are the difference, the answer, the one and only “U” that Dreams Big to Live Big!