Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

By, Antoine N. Jackson

If you don’t already know, our world is in trouble if we don’t increase the number of certain professionals close to where you live. Sounds like an end of the world type scenario to you doesn’t it? Well it is and I’ll explain why. But first, I’d like you to momentarily reflect back to the last time you drank a nice glass of water out of your faucet at home. It was probably cold, clear, and had a crisp taste. It also didn’t have any pollutants in it which could make you sick. Water is by far the most important element of life’s survival and there’s so many jobs associated with just keeping it clean. The harsh reality is, there’s becoming a serious shortage of skilled people that service our homes with uncontaminated water. So when there’s no more educated experts in this field, what will we drink? How will companies create sterile chemicals and equipment that must be used for medical emergencies? And more importantly, how are we going to cool off the nuclear plants that give us electricity? Who will control the huge dams from overflowing and flooding entire communities? No water, no electricity …. Can you imagine the chaos just in your neighborhood if this happened?

Scientist who find cures and specialized surgeons who fix our ailing bodies are seriously needed in our current work force. In addition, we have environmentalist who our governments are needing to hire to fight against global warming. Our bridges, roads and tall structures need massive repairs but there’s not many who are experienced to tackle these jobs. Don’t sit back and let our world crumble when you can make a difference.

If your life has been difficult yet you’ve managed to get a high school diploma or GED, then you have it in you to take on the challenges that hangs over all our heads. While some professions may seem all too complex to learn about, instead of shying away from a tough learning experience, keep in the back of your mind what all your hard work will bring you. Tons of money to set you up for the rest of you and your family’s life. Plus, your smarts will benefit the public for centuries to come.

Whether you want to become a lawyer, a basketball player, a rapper/singer, actor/actress, a boutique owner or a community activist. I encourage you to stop and evaluate the weak numbers of our important engineers, doctors, scientists, agricultural experts and environmentalist. These dwindling experts keep human life going and going and going. If there’s only one reason for why you should get educated for something so big-leagued, I think you deserve to ask yourself what will occur when there’s no one to figure out educated problems. Potentially, all classes of people, rich and poor, will find themselves in the same boat as the dinosaurs. We will be non-existing.

As you Dream Big and Think Big, why not become educated in a special field so we won’t have to continue on worrying about an early cutoff time to our life here on Earth?  Think S.T.E.M.=Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.  Think CTE=Career Technical Education.  Save yourself and save our world.