Get in the Game

By, Antoine N. Jackson

Surely, finding a career where you can walk like a boss and play like a boss, happens to be the most sought after goal throughout our globe. The beacon of light that constantly swirls in our brains, tries to illuminate exactly what it is we want to become when we’re young. For some, the path of success through college, vocational trade or self-employment is vivid. But what if you’re one of the many who just haven’t located precisely what you want to pursue? You have several ideas but can’t put your finger on that one thing. While your decision-making during this time may seem as rigorous as figuring out a math problem you don’t understand, I’m here to tell you that after a little exposure with work experience programs provided by almost all employers, you can retain insightful answers to your questions while also getting a hands on look into the fields of your interest.

If you want to witness in person the workings of an occupation, it’s actually quite easy. You can express your desire to see a professional in his or her work environment to a teacher, principal and/or mentor. Those individuals should be able to assist you with your request. You  can also take a leap and email or phone the Human Relations Department of a company and express your interest to go and see a specific job up close and personal.

As you sit down and choose your life’s path, disconnect yourself from the pleasures of materialism you see broadcasted across the television and theater screens. Tap into your true potential that we all possess. Think not only big but dream of a world where your future knowledge is applied, recognized and notably recorded for generations to follow. Now  take those visual excitements and bring them into reality. Get off the sideline and get in the game.  Dream Big and Live Big…