Closed Door

What You Eat, Doesn’t Make Me Shit!

An Odd Yet Cordial Invitation For the Gay Attention Whore

By Shawn Harris

What you do behind closed doors is not my business. What you do with your penis or your vagina is not my concern. What you do with your mouth or ass isn’t my business. Whatever you like to be done to you, for sexual pleasure, is your personal & private business, whatever gets you off, gets you off. What you eat, doesn’t make me shit…

I care about your productivity. I don’t care about your sexual proclivity. Can you do your job is my concern. As a student, can you learn, can you complete your assignment? As a team member can you help us win? As a soldier, can I count on your courage like you count on mine? As a sister or brother are you loyal to our family? I don’t give a damn about your genitals. Because they are your genitals. You & I are not in a romantic relationship. You & I are not in an intimate partnership. What we share is strictly professional. What we share is academic. I’m concerned with your mental power, not your sexual prowess. It’s more about the specifics of your intellect. It has nothing to do with the specifics of your intercourse. Within that context, you have a place at this school, in this class. You are welcome in our dorm, in our organization & corporation. You can play on our team. You are a member of our family. So put away your paranoia. We don’t judge you because you’re gay. We don’t hate you because you’re a lesbian. We don’t hate you at all. We don’t laugh at you. We don’t gossip about you. Put away your vanity. We don’t care who you screw or what you do behind closed doors. And we don’t cater to attention whores. So put away your flamboyance. We know you live an alternative lifestyle & we respect your decision. We respect your creative self-expression. Yet, we aren’t preoccupied with your sexual preference. Everything isn’t about sex. And everything isn’t about you. Because what you eat…doesn’t make us shit.


Editorial Note: In no way shape or form is this essay or any other essay that is written on this site a judgement on how people live their life. We believe strongly that love is love, this is only a view to consider.