sugar daddyWinning?

A Perspective for Sugar Babies, Young Whores, Hustlers, and Predators

By, Shawn Harris


You like ‘em pretty & young, ready for fun, silly & dumb, but willing to learn. You want her ready to earn & in need of bread, hungry for green. You skate up to the high school with icy rims on your S.U.V. You offer her security, an apartment, money, shopping sprees, sexuality & bling. It doesn’t matter that she’s only 16 or 17. And you’re double her age. A so called hustler. You’re really a trick. A trick tricking a kid. Raping a child. You’re a predator. But you don’t feel like a molester. After all, her mother gave you permission to have sex with the youngster. Her mom gave you permission when she accepted your gifts. When she accepted that T.V. & those groceries. When she let you buy her three sons those expensive sneakers. When she let you keep dope at her house. You’re doing them a favor, right? You’re looking out for them. You’re winning. You got your main chick at a house in the hills. And now you have another side chick. A young bitch. You’re winning. Teaching her how to cook & cut dope. How to count & stash cash. You’re living & winning.

….She likes ‘em old & rich, a sucker for her ass & hips, ready to trick & never stingy. She’s looking for a sugardaddy, or a poison pusher with a pocket full of nose candy. Or maybe he’s working that medical weed. The proceeds are the only thing she sees. She’s looking for a way out of the hood, or outta the trailer park. A happily ever after, a sponsor, a genie in a bottle to grant all her wishes. And you’re willing to use that fake I.D., or to fake a pregnancy to trap a real live money getter. You think it’s cute to flirt & flaunt your body in front of older guys. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little bump & grind. Ain’t nothing wrong with accepting gifts. You’re just a sugarbaby. And you’re winning. Right? Boys your age are just that, “boys.” You need a grown man who knows how to spoil his girl. But what you really got is a grown ass creep & you’re a gold digger & leech. Yet, you don’t think you’re thirsty. You think you’re a winner. Joyriding his whip, blind to the danger. Because you’re too busy winning. Right? You gotta use what you got to get what you want. And they want it young & tight. And you got that brand new nooky, right? You are winning.….Consider this. If you’re a 28 yr. old man, what do you think you have in common with a 16 yr. old girl? Why are you attending high school football games? Even if it is your old school, if you’re not there in a professional capacity (as a coach or something), why are you there in the stands & in the parking lot trying to impress & pick up children? You graduated 10 yrs. ago. If you’re pushing weed & alcohol on teenagers in an attempt to lure them away to have fun back at your place, you’re a predator. Not a winner. Targeting barely legal girls who are naive, immature & unsophisticated is preditorial behavior. You know you can play mind games on them because they’re not as advanced & seasoned emotionally & intellectually. So you prey upon them. You use materialism & sexuality to seduce & manipulate them. That ain’t winning, that’s rape. That’s losing. You’re a predator. And any mother who is knowingly allowing her teenage daughter to be in a so called “relationship” with a man double her age is not a mother at all. She’s a pimp. She’s auctioning or renting out her own baby girl to be used for sexual pleasure by adult men. Don’t let your mother or father play you like that. Don’t let any person pimp you & play you like that. Stay away from slick talking older guys who are hanging around youngsters all the time. Always up at your school, your parties & games. Don’t accept anything from him. Don’t ride in his truck. Don’t drive his car. Especially if he is a drug dealer. His enemies may be trying to shoot him, and mistakenly shoot & kill you. Don’t put yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. He might give you the disease that some dirty girl gave him. He dies or goes to prison, leaving you out there to take care of a baby with H.I.V. Act your age. Leeches are losers. Trying to deceive an older man, especially a predator, is dangerous. You are reducing yourself to the level of a prostitute. When is selling or trading your sex for shoes & jewelry winning? Selling or trading sex for a ride home & a purse is winning? Trading sex for a place to stay for a weekend is winning? Really? What you have between your thighs is priceless. What you have in between your ears is priceless. What you have deep within your chest is priceless. Your womb, your mind & your heart are all beyond a price. Beyond measurement. Don’t trade it away. You can never get equal value. Act your age. Be a young lady, not a young leech. That’s not your destiny. You weren’t born to be a play thing. You’re not a toy, you’re a female. You are not a whore. You’re a teenage girl. Stand on your truth. Stay in your lane. Act your age…