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Swipe Life

By, Shawn Harris


This is finally the first time in your life that you’re finally away from your parents (yeah). Out on your own, off at college, having sex, drinking & partying (hell yeah). A little studying. A little research. A few classes, but you’re out there having fun. You’re spending money faster than you can make it. Just can’t seem to keep enough green. So somebody shares with you a plan to make some free cash. A plan to get some free clothes. All you gotta do is let somebody steal your checkbook. Let somebody steal your credit card. They’ll swipe up a truck load of stuff, and you will get your cut. Then all you gotta do is report your card stolen. That’s identity theft! But you think it is for free. Or we can work these school loans, but we don’t spend the money on books & credit hours. We’ll spend it on clothes. Spend it on food & drinks. We can spend it on weed. That’s fraud! And you think it’s for free. Maybe we can dump some fake checks in your account, withdraw ‘em as soon as they clear. That’s bank fraud! But you think it’s for free. It’s all good-it’s the swipe life, right? Wrong! Ain’t nothing for free. These banks & loan agencies will press criminal charges on your ass. The courts will prosecute you. And they’ll make you pay restitution. Which means you gotta pay all that money back to the banking & lending institutions and your credit will be totally mucked up. So will your collegiate education & reputation. These nickel & dime schemes sound real good when you’re young & desperate. You & your friend think you’ve discovered some real high tech shit. Wrong! Those schemes are whack & played out, tired & unsophisticated. Those so called “friends” will testify against you if they’re facing jail time, fines, restitution & expulsion from school. Don’t let them trick you. They’re not your friends if they are encouraging you to commit crimes. Do not share your banking account numbers with anyone. Don’t share your checks. Don’t share your social security number or driver’s license number with anyone. Don’t share your credit or debit cards with anybody. Do not deposit anybody else’s financial instruments in your account. No money orders, personal checks, travelers checks, promissory notes, sight drafts, I.O.Us, or Surety Bonds. Don’t even hold nobody else’s cash money in your account. Don’t deposit anything from any outside sources in your account unless the bank manager physically examines the financial instrument personally. Don’t take any chances. Your education and the future of your financial credit are worth far more than today’s trendy jeans, gym shoes & a designer purse. Swipe life is criminal life. Stay a student, don’t become a criminal. Stay a student, don’t get stuck on stupid & get locked up. Swiping is trifling…

 Your future is generated by the choices you are making in every moment of your life.