By, Shawn Harris

When my children were small babies, I’d buy that bubble solution stuff and blow bubbles in the air for their amusement. Sometimes they’d be so wide-eyed, mesmerized and hypnotized by the floating bubbles, they’d try to catch a bubble or hold a bubble. But their fat little hands would pop the bubbles every time… In some ways, society is similar. The young, uninformed, unsophisticated teenager is mesmerized by the bubbles of materialism, technology, and fashion, mindlessly and endlessly chasing temporary trends and fads. It’s as if you’re being trained to be a crazy “zombie” consumer, trying to catch the uncatchable car bubble, jean bubble, video game bubble, gym shoe bubble, the purse bubble, the bike bubble, and the truck bubble. As soon as you buy it, balance it, and gently hold it in your hand, pop! It bursts. Now it’s out of season and it’s time for a new fad, a new bubble. Those that control society continue to encourage you to look “outside” of yourself for fun and entertainment.  You’re encouraged to define yourself and to define your self-worth by “things” or material possession that is “outside” of yourself. You are no longer looking “inside” yourself for you inner qualities which truly define you and display your beauty, strength, uniqueness, and intelligence. As children, we lived inside our imaginations. Imagination is the beginning of creativity. Creativity leads to inventions and technology which leads to our overall advancement as a society. But when you look outside of yourself, merging and melting into the cookie cutter trendy styles and fads, your imagination dies; your creativity dies. You become a follower, not a future leader. You become a perpetual customer, not a manufacturer, producer and inventor. You become a worker, not a boss. You become a chaser, hypnotized by the bubbles blown in your face. You remain a little child, never growing into your God-given talents. You become addicted to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Playstation, designer clothes and designer drugs, fast foods, and cute cell phones. Where will the makers, shapers, and builders come from? Who will build our new roads, bridges, airports, electrical grids, power stations, sewage systems, and pipelines? Where are our future doctors, scientists, chemists, engineers, aviators, astronauts, and air traffic controllers? Look in the mirror, look inside yourself. Look into the layers of your dreams. Use your imagination and creatively express its contents. Don’t waste your life chasing bubbles. Think Big, Dream big, Live big.