Have We Lost Our Sense of Shame?

By, Shawn Harris

Shame: A painful emotion caused by consciousness of guilt, short coming, or impropriety. Dishonor, disgrace, or brings strong regret.

             What do we present to the world? Do we present the best of ourselves, or do we present the worst? Do we even care? Do you care about the videos that you make and post online? Why video yourself assaulting another person? Assault with the intent to do great harm, less than murder, is a crime. Sexual assault is a crime. Multiple boys sexually assaulting a single girl is gang rape. Have we lost our sense of shame? Are we so desperate for attention, we will commit criminal acts on video and post it online for the world to see? When did it become “cool” to be a rapist? When did it become “in style” to take pictures of your genitals and send them to people you barely know? Have we lost our sense of shame? Have we all become perverts? Are you so thirsty for love and affection that you’ll take something precious and private and expose it to the untrustworthy public? Is that really the first thing you want him to see, your naked breast and vagina? (Snapchatting?) Are you foolish enough to believe he won’t show those to someone else? (Picture messaging?) Have we lost our sense of shame? When did it become “glam” to present yourself as a whore? Where is the honor in these actions? When did it become “boss” to video tape rape?” The prisons and county morgues are filled with young men and women who have or had no sense of shame. Do not degrade yourself. Have some dignity and show the world you deserve more than a jail cell or a fresh grave. You are so much more than your genitals. You are more than the wiggle in your hips. (Twerking.) Or the power of your fist. Be bigger than a bully, bigger than a whore. Be better than a rapist. Become something other than a cold corpse. Show the world your genius, not your genitals. Show the world your brilliance, not brutality. Stop posting that bullshit online. Stop committing crimes, we are better than that, bigger than that…