Our Attitude Determines Our Behavior

By Ricardo Ferrell






We must constantly be mindful of our thoughts as we allow them to form in our minds, because our thinking affects what our attitude becomes-which ultimately shapes our behavior.  Attitude is defined as: A mental position, feeling, or emotion toward fact or state.

Let’s say for instance you and your friend are at a party in another neighborhood that’s not so familiar to either of you.  Standing across from you are some very attractive women who seem to be doing things to get your attention.  They are dancing, smiling, and motioning for the two of you to come over and join them.  Your first reaction might be, “hell yeah, they’re both gorgeous.  Let’s party with them.”

So the two of you immediately accept the invite to go over to them.  You introduce yourselves, get their names and ask them to dance.  However, as the four of you are dancing and having fun, a group of dudes from their neighborhood show up and begin hating on the fact that you are partying with young ladies from their area.  Then the dumb stuff ensues.  The staring and gawking, the finger pointing and name calling.  The dudes are yelling all kinds of stupid and disrespectful things.  You and your friend are now in a precarious and awkward position.  For starters, you’re in a strange and unfamiliar neighborhood and you don’t know exactly what these knuckleheads are thinking and/or are capable of creating.  The pressure is on to make a quick decision or whether to respond equally and as negative as these dudes or to simply ignore them and continue to dance and have fun, it is now on you.

Although you do not want to appear soft or weak, you must instantly weigh all options, either tell these two to get the F*** out of your face and engage in the exchange of verbal insults which could enhance the tension, animosity, cause egos to come into play, or to simply walk away before things escalate and get too far out of hand.

Your thinking is crucial in this instance, one foolish and irrational thought can trigger an emotional reaction causing an unhealthy attitude to form which can then lead to poor judgement and negative behavior.  The behavior, depending on the circumstances can easily spiral out of control and cause someone to get physically harmed.  The best advice in any situation when things can adversely affect you and others is to simply think before you react, keep your attitude in check and refrain from behavior that can result in dire consequences.  Remember TAB…Thinking=Attitude=Behavior