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You’re Being Set Up Pt. III

By, Shawn Harris

You’re being set up. Played like the perfect pawn. Fearless & strong. In the name of Islam, you got a point to prove. You’re bored & angry. Intelligent & blood thirsty. Your whole life is ahead of you. But you don’t want to live it. You would rather give it to a so called “cause” because life is complicated & death is simple. Death is power, and you wanna become death. You wanna rip through bone & flesh. You wanna lock & load. Find a large crowd, walk in & feel the blood flow when the bomb explodes. But you’re being set up. This ain’t a video game. You’re being set up. Brainwashed & word whipped by wordsmiths who play tricks. They hold the joysticks. Guiding you on a far away trip to a far away country. And he puts his mind into your mind. Then he sends you back home to kill your own kind. A terror cell. A suicide bomber. You’re willing to sacrifice the only thing you got. The most valuable thing. The only thing you know for sure is that you exist here & now. You are alive this moment. You are conscious here & now. And you’re being set up to think that paradise awaits you in a magical hereafter after you commit mass murder of innocent people. You’re being set up to believe a reward awaits you for killing innocent women & children. Sometimes even fellow Muslims. You think you can earn eternity in heaven by killing yourself. Everything in your body is coded & wired to stay here. To live. The very blood in your veins that you’re so ready to splatter, pour & blast out, is genetically coded to promote & facilitate your healthy life. White blood cells will actually fight off invaders, germs & harmful bacteria in your bloodstream which threaten your health. Your blood is intelligent enough to clot, to change its form, to actually plug itself up if you should rapidly bleed out from a wound. Your blood has no brain yet it displays intelligence. You have a brain yet you aren’t displaying any intelligence. Especially if you think joining a terrorist organization is a good career choice. You’re being set up to go to Guantanamo Bay. Labeled an enemy combatant for life, with no lawyer, no phone calls, no visits, no constitutional rights & no trial. You are being set up to go to hell in the form of a 6 by 9 cell. Solitary confinement. 23 hr. lockdown. No commissary. 3 trays of slop & 1 hr. in an exercise cage which is more like a dog kennel. No T.V. No IPOD. No computer access. No video games. No movies. No letters. No dates. No sex. Don’t you deserve more than death by incarceration? Don’t you deserve more than to be used like a blind pawn in a satanic game… Right now, as you read these words, you are surrounded by an atmosphere of potential. That’s what you are at the core of your being. Pure unlimited potential. Do not let some international sinister trickster from overseas deceive you or defraud you out of your divine potential. It’s your choice to be whatever you desire to be. To use your God given gifts & talents to righteously improve the quality of your life & the lives of your loved ones. It is not his right to dictate to you what you should do with your life. With your youth. With your gifts. With your potential. The extremist are subtly setting you up to fail. He is sabotaging your potential for success. Setting you up to waste your talents. To muck up your life…Young women, there is nothing remotely romantic about murdering millions. Nothing romantic about being a whore for religious rebels. Nothing romantic about watching your boyfriend strap & buckle a bomb in a backpack to his body, or button a suicide vest to his chest. Kissing a final kiss before he walks off into oblivion. Allah did not shape, form & fashion your delicate feminine frame for such devilishment. You are far too precious for such wickedness. You’re being set up. Set up to applaud beheadings. To actually root & cheer as innocent people are viciously dismembered? Really? Don’t lose your soul. Don’t lose your life. Don’t make your mom or your family bend & kiss your closed casket. Where is your compassion? How could you hurt your family? Where is your loyalty? How could you betray everyone you’ve ever known?

Allah creates no storm that lasts forever. If you’re hurting, vengeful, sad, or suicidal, situations will change. There will be sunshine after the rain. Allah burdens no soul beyond its capacity. You are strong enough to make it through. Times will change and if you’re at the weakest point in your life, lean on a loved one. Lean on God. Approach Allah through prayer. But do not pervert His word. You were created to be more than a terror cell. Stop thrill seeking. Snap out of it! Don’t fall for the set up.