You’re Being Set Up Part II

By, Shawn Harris

If for whatever reason you’ve decided to live a life of violence and crime, please pay close attention to the names you’ll be called if and when you’re caught for violating the law: Home invader, car jacker, predator, offender, violator, and stalker. Here are more names which refer to international criminals: hijacker, illegal alien, insurgent, enemy combatant, suicide bomber, lone wolf assassin, and terror cell. These names render you a target. These names are “marks of death.” The local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies will kill you. The public, the people, and the citizens will call out for your death. They will turn their backs on you because they are afraid of you. Think about it. Who really wants to socialize, live around, or party with an “invader,” a “predator,” a “jacker,” a “violator,” or a “stalker?” Who really desires to be in a relationship with a “lone wolf assassin” or a “suicide bomber?” These names aren’t cool. These names are alien to our normal way of life. The word “alien” is defined as strange, different in nature or character. You’re being set up! You are being fooled into stamping, tattooing, and branding yourself as abnormal, strange, or a social defect. You are labeled a “Fuck Up,” worthy of your death sentence. You are being set up. You are being seduced in believing that there is a level of glamour in criminal names, activities, and behaviors. Glamour is defined as: a romantic, exciting, and often illusory attractiveness.  It’s not cool to degrade yourself. Don’t cheapen yourself. It’s not glamourous to hate yourself or to hate others. It’s not glam to mark yourself for death or prison. It’s not glam to kill people. You’re being set up to believe in an illusion. You’re being set up to die an early death. You only get one life to live. Wake up and live a better life. Don’t fall for the set up. Violence and crimes are not a good look, and it’s not a good life. Find some new names to call yourself.

*This is part two of a two part essay, please also read part one titled “You’re Being Set Up” also by Shawn Harris