black on black crime

Black on Black Crime and Self Hate

By, Shawn Harris


Is there a limit to your viciousness?  Has it become easy to kill?  Easy to fight & be disrespectful?  Easy to hate your own kind?  What memories come to mind, what color faces do you see when you see & hear the words nigga, bum, thug, gangbanger, carjacker, home invader, thot, bitch, whore, slut, pimp, player, addict, crackhead, dope boy, hustler?  Do you know why you see those faces?  Because you choose to live a life of crime.  You choose to live the street life.  One of the lowest levels of life one can experience.  An evil life, full of lies & deception, jealousy & envy, murder & hatred, greed & lust, selfishness, filth & hunger, poverty, sickness & addiction.  In order for you to survive, in order for you to make a profit, you gotta be able to quickly identify rival dope dealers & carjackers.  You gotta be able to recognize a home invader.  You have to calculate risk.  The risk of serving certain custos or selling work to a rat.  The risk of sleeping with thots.  The risk of stopping at a red light on certain corners.  The risk of letting certain bitches know where you live.  Life or death rides on these observations & decisions.  But do you ever think about the way you start to look at all black women and all black people?  You start forming these opinions & prejudices.  You start making blanket statements and formulating distorted philosophies like; “All women are bitches,” “never trust a female,” “I don’t give a fuck about another nigga,” or “I’ll kill a nigga in a heartbeat.”  Do these views include your mother, grandmother, sister & aunt?  Do you view them as “bitches?”  Do you regard all the men in your life as “niggas?” Including your father, grandfather, brothers & uncles?  Your mental position (attitude) is that way because you interact with evil people everyday on the street.  With criminals who lack humanity, who lack love.  Everybody you know is a low life.  Watch this.  What mental pictures come to mind & what color faces do you see when you read these words…husband, wife, doctor, lawyer, scientist, scholar, nurse, dentist, computer programmer, video game designer, car dealer, author, film director, business executive?  You get my point?  You visualize white faces.  Your perception is distorted due to your experiences within your environment.  Criminal culture is conditioning you to hate your own kind.  Criminal culture is conditioning you to hate yourself, to see yourself as subhuman, animal like, ugly & evil.  Believing you’re different from the larger world, you feel restricted to a smaller culture within a smaller community.  So you embrace the hood & hug the block.  Taking pride in being hard and showing no love.  This is why you call yourself a dog, a beast, a monster, a goon.  You can’t see divinity in yourself or in other black people.  That negative attitude affects your perception.  Perception shapes reality.  That negative belief system shapes your expectations.  You expect dysfunction in your relationships.  You expect & anticipate confusion, violence, betrayal, vindictiveness in your life.  Suspicion, skepticism, pessimism, fills your mind when you’re interacting with your own kind.  So it becomes easy to sell dope to them.  Easy to shoot them, to rob them, to use & abuse them, to sell them out for profit.  It’s easy to hate black people.  To hate niggas.  You hate them because you think they hate you.  You use them because you think they’re trying to use you.  And that may be true in the criminal world.  But that’s not the ultimate truth.  Because the Earth is filled with beautiful black people.  There are more black people thriving & living free in society than there are locked away in prisons.  There are more law abiding, tax paying, African Americans contributing to society than there are law breaking African Americans taking from our society.  There are more drug free African Americans than there are African American addicts.  Every African American is not a nigga.  Open your eyes.  Open your mind.  Every black man ain’t trying to get over on you.  Every black female is not a bitch.  She’s not trying to trap you, she’s not a criminal.  She ain’t shady.  Neither are you.  You don’t have to be a criminal.  You don’t have to hate yourself.  You don’t have to hate your people…

Every moment of your life is filled with the power of potential.  Every human being has it inside them.  Every human is constantly surrounded by this power of pure potential.  It’s the same power of potential that has existed inside all the great men & women of history.  The same power of potential used by all the great people of today.  People of sports & entertainment, business & finance, religion, science & technology, medical, food & agricultural industries, educational & labor fields of all kinds.  Celebrated people and those unknown.  They are all using the same portion of potential.  Potential simply means expressing a possibility or existing in possibility.  Black people have potential.  The possibility to express positivity & productivity exists in all races & in all places and times.  Nobody is better than you.  It’s not even a question of who’s good, bad, or better.  It’s a question of who’s tapping into & expressing their divine potential.  As long as you’re alive you have this opportunity.  Everybody who ever existed, whether rich & famous or poor & infamous.  Sinner or saint.  They all lived under this sun & moon, they’ve taken in breath of this air & were made of this earth.  They’re no better than you.  Some have just utilized more of their God given potential.  A life of crime is a wasted life.  Wasted potential.  Come out of that criminal world.  Come over into the real world.  Meet a greater representation of your people.  Become a greater representation of yourself.