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                          Welcome to Dream Big & Live Big! We provide online advice for teenagers and young adults.  No subject is too heavy.  No topic is off limits.  If for… Continue Reading →

Drug Dealer to Chef

In this motivational Goalcast video, he went from cooking crack to serving up the finest culinary creations you can imagine. Former crack-dealer turned gourmet chef, Chef Jeff, shares his treacherous journey from the streets to the stovetop. This is his… Continue Reading →

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Here at Dream Big, Live Big, we are all about answering those tough questions. Some we have already answered and have available to read here on our site by clicking here and we are ready to answer any and all new questions… Continue Reading →


  6/18/18 We are moving to a new website…please bear with us as we transition to a new site as you probably have been anyway 😉 As we move to our new location we will most likely run across a… Continue Reading →

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